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Carla Duren broke onto the music scene as a member of the American pop group She Moves. The Berman Brothers formed the group after they heard Carla wow the crowd at Madison Square Garden before a playoff with her soulful rendition of the national anthem. The trio released their debut album Breaking All The Rules back in 1997. The title track and first single Breaking All The Rules peaked at number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single also peaked at number 11 in Sweden and number 32 in the Netherlands. November this year, the 4th to be exact, marked the 24th Anniversary of She Moves. Since the group broke up in 1999, Carla has successfully paved a way for herself as an Actress, Dancer, Solo Artist and Transformational Soul Coach. Her debut album BlackFolkRockStar is filled with soulful and therapeutic music. Carla is currently working on her second album Chrysalis: The Butterfly Project. From traveling the world with artists such as P!nk, Deborah Cox, Kelis and Bette Midler, to rightfully and authentically standing in her own light - Carla has definitely proved that she is a multi-talented, soulful and spiritual force to be reckoned with. 

I first got to know you as a member of She MovesBreaking All The Rules was on heavy rotation here in South Africa. Why did that journey end so soon?

She Moves basically ended because the record label we were on ended. It was an unfortunate case of timing for us. I wish we had had an opportunity to play South Africa.

You were definitely the driving force behind the group. Was it hard when it suddenly stopped?

I don’t think I saw it as “hard” when it stopped. It had been a whirlwind of a ride being on tour and we were coming off of a pretty amazing and yet exhausting touring schedule. So at the time that it stopped, I think I saw it as a welcome rest period. I was also considering going solo once it was all over so I think I was seeing it as a pause for me and an opportunity to switch gears. 

Let's be honest. You have achieved so many amazing things as a solo artist. How was it to tour the world with other artists such as P!nk, Deborah Cox and Bette Midler?

Touring the world I believe has been one of my greatest gifts, accomplishments and treasures. I definitely have a Soul’s calling to explore this planet. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities afforded me to not only travel the world, but to do so in style with some of the most gifted artists, musicians and performers you will ever see or hear. I have been welcomed into so many different cultures by so many amazing people that I am overwhelmed just thinking about it.

Your debut album BlackFolkRockStar is still one of my ultimate favourites. Listening to your body of work, you actually remind me of a modern day Tracy Chapman. Have you always been such a deep and therapeutic soul?

Oh, wow André, this question really touches my soul. I think I have always been a pretty deep soul. I have always felt deeply connected to humanity and the arts have always been a natural way for me to express this connection and the love I feel for this human experience. I remember discovering Tracy Chapman as a child and then continuing to fall in love with her music as I grew up. When I first discovered her music I was simply a music lover and had no real aspirations of becoming a performer, but I can see now that she has had a profound influence on me as a singer-songwriter as have so many other singer-songwriters from my childhood. 

With your shining light and beautiful spirit, you are currently serving the universe as a Soul Coach. How does it feel to be the inspiration behind other people's transformational success?

My new found love of being a Transformational Soul Coach is one of the incidental gifts of the world going into lockdown. It has been a challenging time learning to navigate a new reality on our planet. We’ve all had to learn new ways to live and interact with each other and it’s come with its positives and negatives. Being a coach has allowed me to support people in creating new possibilities for themselves as life has dramatically changed for so many of us. I am so grateful for the internet and our little devices that allow us to still connect on a Soul level. As a result of coaching, I’ve been able to remind my friends, family and clients of how amazing they are and that transformation is available to anyone who is willing to see their life from a place of expansion. It has been so fulfilling and life changing to be able to support so many people in creating a life that they can fall in love with.

What impact did this worldwide pandemic have on you and your career?

Well I think by the last question, you can get a pretty good idea of how the pandemic has affected my career. It basically inspired me to create a new one. In addition to a new career, it has inspired a new album. I would wake up with new songs in my head early in the lockdown, so I purchased some very basic equipment so that I could record demos in my NYC apartment during the lockdown, which resulted in my upcoming release Chrysalis: The Butterfly Project

You have new music on the way. What can we expect from The Butterfly Project   

So what you can expect from The Butterfly Project is music that has lots of layered vocals because that’s how I recorded all the demos. I basically just sang all the parts. I’m now in the process of deciding where I will produce the final versions of these demos. You can also expect lots of introspection and curiosity in the lyrics. Some of the songs feel like dreams themselves because they actually came to me while I was in a dream state. The songs are moving, inspiring, expansive and transformational ... a lot like my coaching. 

If there is one message you could give your South African transformers to assist them on their own spiritual journey, what would it be?

Ahhhh, such a great question. I have such fond memories of South Africa from my touring days (with Deborah Cox) and I hope to return in the future. What I love to remind my Transformers is that wherever you are, you are there for a reason. Recognize that you have a unique gift that is needed in the exact place you are in at this exact time that only you can provide, even if that’s simply a smile or a helping hand to someone in need in your vicinity. When you see yourself as having the power to transform your reality right where you are, you empower someone near you to do the same and this is how powerful transformation begins, with You.

Photo Credit: Burak Yildermaz

Carla Duren - Ostrich

She Moves - Breaking All The Rules

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