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Nic Billington needs no introduction. He created his own path and established himself as the Prince of Pop in South Africa. His music productions are slick and his music videos showcase the local industry's cutting edge. No wonder Nic was dubbed the hottest new addition to the local music scene by People Magazine back in 2013. With a debut album, Top 10 hits, three number ones, numerous TV appearances and stage productions under his belt - it comes as no surprise that Nic even got the nod from Britney Spears in 2008 via her official website after he covered her hit Gimme More. After a little bit of downtime during the Covid-19 pandemic, Nic Billington is back with two massive releases You Get Me High and his latest offering Without a Warning. Both singles are a far cry from his previous sounds. He is stronger than ever before and not afraid to shed light on mental health issues, having dealt with anxiety, depression and a low-self esteem for many years. One thing is for certain, this Durbanite is here to stay. Remember his name!

Photo Credit: Saint Nic Media  

Just like many other singing sensations, you were discovered on Youtube. How did you cope with the metamorphosis from still being relatively unknown to becoming an international success?

It was amazing at the very beginning but there was a dark side to it all as well. The more popular I became, the more hate I received. I started to question myself and my talent and even stopped producing covers for a while. I don't think I was prepared for that but I distanced myself from all the haters and continued perfecting my craft.

Your debut album Overload was released in 2013. Why did you take so long to release brand new music?

I actually wrote an entire album after Overload but I wasn't happy with the progression so it was never finished or released. My sentiments are, if you're going to do something then it has to be better than the last. I'm finally at a place where I can see how much I've grown and I think that's quite evident in the new music.

You are the creative genius behind your own music videos. Judging by the world class quality of your work, do you sometimes feel that you are ahead of your time in comparison to some other mediocre productions in South Africa?

I've learned not to judge something by the country it comes from. If it's good, it's good - It's that simple. Making music videos is something that I enjoy thoroughly because, like a song, it can tell a story and have a deep impact. I just try my best to work with what I have around me. I'm probably the hardest on myself because I want everything to be perfect. I think I might be ahead of the time in terms of the commercial market in South Africa?

I guess it is safe to say that you are definitely a triple threat. You sing, you dance and you model. Any other talents that you would like to share with us?

I can paint and I also enjoy working behind the camera - Photography and film. I've always wanted to produce and direct a movie so that's something that I hope to accomplish in the next couple of years as well.

Your cover of Gimme More received the stamp of approval by none other than Britney Spears herself. How did it feel to feature on her official website back in 2008?

It was the biggest compliment ever, especially because I'm such an avid Britney Spears supporter. I've always looked up to her  so I was totally gobsmacked when my cover was featured on her website - An absolute dream come true!

Let's be honest, your latest two offerings You Get Me High and Without a Warning are visual feasts. From conception to birth, how much time goes into your masterpieces?

A video can take me anywhere from a month to 4 months to complete. I'm such a perfectionist that it can be detrimental to my health at times. I'll lose sleep, skip meals and completely isolate myself. It's a big job for a one man army but it's so rewarding at the end of the day.

If you could invite 5 famous people for supper, dead or alive, who would it be?

Britney Spears, The Weeknd, Pamela Anderson, Aaliyah and Billie Eilish. 

You are not afraid to show some skin. Judging by some of the comments you receive from loyal fans on social media, how does it feel to be considered a sex symbol?

I've never thought of myself as a sex symbol and I never will. I try not to take myself too seriously but I guess I'm just a nudist in disguise. I work hard to keep in shape and I feel comfortable in my own skin.

What is next for the ever-evolving Nic Billington?

World domination! My main goal is quality over quantity. There is just so much out there at the moment and it's easy to get completely lost in all the noise. I'm just staying true to myself and my craft and hopefully people will like it. I'm currently finishing my EP and the music video for my next single, called Homesick.

Photo Credit: Saint Nic Media


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