Welcome to The André Mantra

Welcome to THE ANDRÉ MANTRA. How I have missed the art of blogging. Trust me, it's not an urban legend. It is still pretty much alive. Kicking and screaming it's way through the wonderful world of the internet. I guess in a digital realm where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok are currently dominating almost every device, blogging has become part of the you-can't-sit-with-us culture. I rebuke that in the name of all the old-fashioned bloggers!!! True to the nature of those who grew up in the 90's, we live for the nostalgia of it all. We just have dad bods now. Let's bring it back just like Max brought back the Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus. You don't need a lighter or a black flame candle to make it happen. For the record, you don't have to be a virgin either. So here's to inspiring, creating, sharing and connecting with people around the world. Let's go!


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